6 Tourist Places you should visit in Thasos Island

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Like I said before, Thasos has incredibly beautiful beaches and places to visit. I’ll list our favorite tourist places that you should definitely visit:

1. Marble Beach

This one is without doubt at the first place. It is simply stunning! Since “a picture is worth a thousand words” take a look some of the pictures we made there.

The sand and pebbles there are soooo white! This gives the water a pretty and clear turquoise color! (Many hearts to this beach!).

Curiosity: marble is a material used mostly for sculpture and construction. The Taj Mahal, for example, is completely coated in marble.

We arrived early in the morning (at 9 am, very early for me, hahaha) to make pictures and drone videos. There were only three people on the beach. 2 hours later the beach was very full!

The beach has also parking and a small restaurant. You need to pay if you want to use the chairs and umbrella. We gave 12€ in total to stay the whole day.

Marble Beach Thasos dmtrips

Look at this water and sand!!! It’s so beautiful!

Marble Beach Thasos dmtrips

Aerial picture of Marble Beach, Thasos Island, with DJI Mavic Drone

Marble Beach Thasos Island dmtrips

Marble Beach – Thasos Island

2. Porto Vathy Beach

This bay  is located right beside the Marble Beach. Although the sand is not as white as at the previous one, it is still very beautiful.

The restaurant on this beach is bigger and had delicious dishes. We ordered the Teriyaki Chicken for lunch.

Porto Vatchy Beach Thasos dmtrips

Porto Vathy Beach – Thasos Island


Restaurant Porto Vathy Beach Thasos dmtrips

Restaurant Porto Vathy Beach – Thasos Island

Looking to the beach on your right side you will see mountains of marbles!

Marble quarries Thasos dmtrips

Marble quarries – Thasos Island

3. Giola

Giola is one of those amazing natural pools that should definitely be visited. There are signs on the road indicating the way, but a GPS will also help. To get there you will need to walk a path of stones and dry vegetation. Cars can only reach until a certain point.

In my opinion, the difficult to get there is totally worth it. However Giola is one of the most visited places in Thasos. It certainly will be crowded in high season. Even at the end of September on a cloudy and windy day there were a lot of people!

Giola Thasos dmtrips

Giola – Thasos Island

Giola Thasos dmtrips

Dimi jumping from the highest point!

4. Astris beach

This one is a great option if you’re looking for something more quite. There aren’t many people and is also nice to go snorkeling.

Astris beach thasos dmtrips

Aerial picture of Astris beach, Thasos, with DJI-Mavic

Astris beach thasos dmtrips dji mavic drone

Aerial picture of Astris beach, Thasos Island, with DJI-Mavic Drone

5. Psili Amos Beach

Located 1km from Astris beach, Psili Amos is a beautiful beach appreciated by many tourists. This one also has a restaurant. Great to spend the day if you don’t mind many people around you.

Psili amos beach thasos dmtrips dji mavic drone

Aerial picture of Psili Amos Beach, Thasos Island, with DJI-Mavic

Astris Beach Thasos dmtrips

Psili Amos – Thasos Island

6. The one with the stone

I cannot find the name of this one anywhere. It’s not really a beach, but it’s certainly very beautiful! We were the only ones there. Dimi even took the opportunity to enjoy it the same way he came into the world.

Thasos dji mavic dmtrips dji mavic drone

Aerial picture in Thasos Island, with DJI-Mavic Drone

Thasos Island dmtrips

Thasos Island

Wait, before you leave…

Did we miss any information? Leave us a comment or share your experience. We would love to read you! And don’t forget to follow us in Instagram @dmtripsblog. We post picture and tips everyday. See you next post 😉

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