Perfect House for Rent in Porto de Pedras

On our trip to Alagoas with my brother and sister-in-law, we searched for a house with comfort, quietness and access to nature. We found the perfect combination at Laís’ house. The house is perfect to travel with family and friends. You can also make the reservation through in Airbnb and Booking.

Porto de Pedras Alagoas Dmtrips

The front part of the house, garden and terrace.

The owner is very attentive and take care of small details that makes a great difference.

The house is located on a quiet area at Tatuamunha Beach, between São Miguel and Patacho. Pharmacies and grocery stores can be reached in aprox. 15 minutes by car.

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It belongs to a small village together with other 2 houses. Each house supports 4 people. In other words, you can rent the 3 houses, in case you wanna travel with more people.

Porto de Pedras Alagoas Dmtrips

View from the house. So many coconut palms! And the beach is right there!

The construction finished in June, 2015. Everything is still brand-new.

The house has 2 double suites with ar-conditioner. Towels and sheets are available if requested in advance. The bathroom has warm shower and miniatures of shampoo, conditioner and soup (love miniatures).

The kitchen is equipped with all necessary utensils (pots, tableware, dishes), apart from fridge, microwave, oven and a big table that fits 6 – 8 people. We had most of our meals at home.

The living room has a couch, a small table and a tv with cable TV.

But the best part was the terrace. We loved to stay at this area talking, relaxing in the hammocks and appreciating the view to the beach and coconut palms.

Porto de Pedras Alagoas Dmtrips

Picture of the terrace in the night. The lighting is very good!

Porto de Pedras Alagoas Dmtrips

The area is also nice to make exercises!

There are two employees available at the house.

Porto de Pedras Alagoas Dmtrips

He even brought us some coconuts!

The housekeeper and the cleaning lady, called Su. She would also cook if extra-payed. Both very friendly and helpful.

Apart from the house duties, the housekeeper also placed chairs and a sunshade on the beach when we asked. He would even climb up the coconut palms and bring us some coconuts! I love coconut water and miss it a lot living here in Germany.

porto de pedras coconut alagoas dmtrips

Looove fresh coconut water!

Another point discussed before booking the house was the permission to take a dog.

Porto de Pedras Alagoas Dmtrips

Look at this face!!! Isn’t he cute?

My brother has a French bulldog (Barnabé, my beloved nephew!). If you have a dog you know it can be heart-breaking to travel and not be able to take him with you.

The owner allow dog at the house, but my brother and sister-in-lar always made sure to let everything cleaned. Besides avoiding situations which could make him bark to don’t disturb other people.

Porto de Pedras Alagoas Dmtrips

“I’m sexy and I know it”

We all loved the house! Would recommend everyone who’s traveling to Porto de Pedras and is looking for comfort, quietness, nature and beach.

Read more: Porto de Pedras, a hidden Paradise in Alagoas


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