How to arrive in Jericoacoara

How to get there

There are three ways to get to Jericoacoara: Bus, Car or Airplane.


The company Fretcar is the one responsible for making the route from Fortaleza to Jijoca (the closest city you can get from Jericoacoara with a bus). The bus makes travels everyday from the Airport Pinto Martins (FOR), as well as from the main Bus Terminal in Fortaleza. It takes around 7 hours of traveling. Nowadays you can purchase the tickets online. It’s a good idea to avoid any inconvenience with your travel. Unfortunately the website is only in Portuguese. So you will need some basic knowledge of the language.

Once you get to Jijoca, you will have to take the famous “pau-de-arara” (it’s a 4×4 truck with a place on the back to transport passengers). It is necessary due to the dunes on the way (you will feel a lot the movement up-and-down, I actually had a lot of fun on the way!). It’s approximately 20km (less than an hour) to Jericoacoara.


Unfortunately the road signs are not very good, so I would advise taking a GPS in case you decide to go by car, especially if you’re not familiar with it. The road takes either to Jijoca or Vila do Preá, is up to you.

From there you’re highly recommended to take a guide with you to Jericoacoara. By that time we went to Jericoacoara, we were with my uncle. Even though he has been there many times, you can get easily lost on the dunes.

Do I need to say you should go with a 4×4 car? If you don’t have one, but still wanna risk, at least empty a bit the tires, it will help.

In Jericoacoara, only authorized vehicles are allowed to move around the city. Therefore, cars need to stay in a specifically parking. You schedule a time and the driver takes and brings the car. It costs R$20,00/day.


Recently it was built an airport in Jericoacoara. For now there are only flights from São Paulo and soon also from Recife. Very good to increase tourism and jobs opportunities.

The same I couldn’t say for the environment. As a biologist, it can be difficult to choose a side in such situations. But at least take care of your garbage and teach your children to do the same. And, of course, respect nature!

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