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When I say I visited Thasos, most of the people don’t know anything about it. This Island is underrated compared to other Greek Islands, such as Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu.

The good part is, the Island is (still) not overcrowded with tourists as the previous mentioned ones. Therefore it’s a very good choice if you want to enjoy the Greek wonders with a little bit of privacy.

Marble Beach Thasos island dmtrips

Marble Beach in Thasos. Simply stunning!

Famous for the honey, marble quarries and olive oil, Thasos is a mountainous Greek Island located to northern part of the country. Due to the marble, the Island has stunning beaches with white sand and blue waters. Besides mountains with up to 1,205 m high.

We’ve been there 3 times already. And I would go every summer if I could! Such an amazing Island!

Take a look the video we made with the drone around the Island:

Marble Beach Thasos dmtrips

Marble Beach – Thasos Island

When to go

Last time we traveled to Greece was at the end of September. There were less tourists comparing to July/August (high season), which in my opinion is a big plus. I prefer less crowded places. I feel like I can enjoy better. Besides, taking pictures and making videos is a lot easier.

However it was a bit windy. The third day of our stay was very cloudy and kind of cold. So I wouldn’t recommend going after mid-September. Some restaurants and hotels also close after this time.

Astris beach thasos dmtrips

Aerial picture of Astris beach, Thasos, with DJI-Mavic Drone

What to take

Apart from swimsuits, swim equipment and all the jazz you need to go to the beach, you should also take a pair of pants, sport shoes and a jacket in case you want to visit the mountains. It might be warm close to the beach, but at 1,200 m elevation can be very windy. Besides, the temperature at the Island drops a little bit in the evening.

Ferryboat to Thasos

Ferryboat to Thasos Island

How to go

To get to the Island you can take a ferryboat either from Kavala or Keramoti. We always take from Keramoti. It’s closer (10 km) and the tickets are cheaper. We payed 27€ for both of us + vehicle (one way).

Ferryboat Thasos dmtrips

A great idea is to take the ferryboat during sunset, it’s really beautiful!





Tip: take a piece of bread with you on the ferryboat. There will be seaguls flying around waiting for food. You can try to feed them. Just watch out your fingers! Hahahah!

Feeding Seagul Thasos Dmtrips

I was holding this bread for quite a while until this cute and brave one came to get it.

Where to stay

Our first two times in Thasos we stayed at Hotel Europa located at Skala Prinos. The last time the Hotel was already closed, so we stayed at one nearby called Hotel Prinos. Honest review here.

Hotel Prinos thasos dmtrips

Hotel Prinos – Thasos Island

Both are good Hotels located close to the beach and surrounded by many restaurants and grocery stores. Great option especially for those who want to save some money and cannot afford to have every meal in a restaurant.

Wait, before you leave…

Did we miss any information? Leave us a comment or share your experience. We would love to read you! And don’t forget to follow us in Instagram @dmtripsblog. We post picture and tips everyday. See you next post 😉

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