A lovely day in Erfurt

With buildings dating from the Medieval time and Gothic architecture houses, Erfurt is a lovely town to spend some time or just enjoy a sunny day.

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We got nice advices of what to do in Erfurt from another couple of travel bloggers. So here is “Our day in Erfurt“.

View from "Zitadelle Petersberg" of Erfurt.

View from “Zitadelle Petersberg” of Erfurt.

Domplatz Erfurt

“Domplatz” Erfurt

The city is located in the state of Thuringia, being its capital and largest city of the region and one of the most preserved in Germany after the Second World War.

Erfurt main tourist’s attractions include the Cathedral of Erfurt, lovely Cafeterias at the Cathedral Square, the Citadel Petersberg and the nice view of the city, the Merchants’ bridge among others.

What to take

We’ve been to Erfurt during end of July, so we could enjoy a nice sunny day. Although quite hot I would say. I even got a bit tanned. In the end of the day there was a big storm with very strong winds. As you can see, the weather changes very often around here. So make sure to take a look the weather prediction in order to provide the appropriate clothes and accessories and make the best of your visit.

How to get there


Germany has pretty good and large freeways (with no speed limit!). The asphalt in most parts is so smooth that looks like a carpet, which makes traveling so much easier, different from Brazil.


Erfurt has a big train station, with many options of connections. Besides many restaurants and diners.


The Erfurt-Weimar Airport is so called because it serves both cities. The airport does not operated domestic flights. The reason is due to improvements of railways, making flights inside the country redundant.

How to move around

When we got to Erfurt, we parked the car and didn’t need it until we decided to leave the city. So every tourist attraction I’ll talk about in this post is reachable on foot.

"Erfurter Dom"

“Erfurter Dom”

Erfurter Dom

The first thing we visited was the Cathedral of Erfurt. It is a catholic church and has an interesting Gothic style, dating from the 14th and 15th centuries.

As soon as you get there, you will face many stairs, since the Cathedral is built on a hillside, and a red and heavy wood door, typical from medieval times. The door has a statue of Maria holding baby Jesus and Jesus been crucified above.

Erfurter Dom

Door to the entrance of the “Erfurter Dom”, notice the statue of Maria holding baby Jesus and Jesus been crucified right above.

“Erfurter Dom”

Inside the Cathedral you have a pretty view of the colorful glasses windows and many statues, such as the Wise and Foolish Virgins.

Erfurter Dom dmtrips

“Erfurter Dom” from inside

Zitadelle Petersberg

Crossing the street to the northwest direction, you will find the Citadel Petersberg.

Citadel Petersberg Erfurt

“Zitadelle Petersberg” – Erfurt

A Citadel (= small city) is a fortress which commands a city, controlling the citizens and defending during attacks.

The Citadel Petersberg (“Zitadelle Petersberg” in German) is the only preserved town fortress in Central Europe. It is also located on a hillside. From there you can get a pretty view from the city and enjoy a sunny day at the garden located right in front of it.

Citadel Petersberg Erfurt dmtrips

View of Erfurt from the “Zitadelle Petersberg”

Citadel Petersberg Erfurt dmtrips

“Zitadelle Petersberg”

Citadel Petersberg Erfurt dmtrips

“Zitadelle Petersberg”


After visiting the Citadel Petersberg and making nice pictures, it was time to have a lunch. There was no better place than the Cathedral Square, it was nearby and had good options of restaurants.

Domplatz Erfurt dmtrips

“Domplatz” – Erfurt

We chose to eat at the Hofbräu am Dom, and let me tell you, we did not regret. With tables placed outside and located beside the Cathedral, you can have a meal while observing the movements of the Square.

I ordered a cold white Wine (suitable for the day) and a “Braumeistersteak” (really delicious and not expensive). You can check the Menu in their website. Dimi ordered the same dish, but an alcohol-free drink, because he was driving.

Hofbräu am Dom Erfurt dmtrips

Restaurant “Hofbräu am Dom” at the Domplatz – Erfurt

Hofbräu am Dom Erfurt dmtrips

“Braumeistersteak”, it was so delicious!


After there we headed the Merchants’ bridge (“Krämerbrücke” in German).

Krämerbrücke - Erfurt

Krämerbrücke – Erfurt

It is a medieval bridge built above the Breitstrom, a branch of the Gera River, with half-timbered houses on both sites.

After there we went to the Breitstrom to see the ducks and refresh our feet in the water. There were many people around and some kids playing in the water. One of them tried to cross the river and felt down. Ooh, I felt so sorry about him.

Krämerbrücke Erfurt dmtrips

“Krämerbrücke” – Erfurt

Krämerbrücke Erfurt dmtrips

Feeding the ducks with some extra bread I had. They looked so hungry!

Eiskrämer Erfurt Dmtrips

Ice cream store at the “Krämerbrücke”

At the end of the Bridge, you will find an Ice cream store with most likely a line and many people around eating their ice cream. Following suggestions from Anni and Christian, I ordered the salty caramel flavor. It was so delicious!! I love this mix of salt and sweet taste!



Eiskrämer Erfurt Dmtrips

Salty caramel flavour. They top it with a delicious chocolate truffel and other tasty stuffs!


Unfortunately there was a storm coming, so after that we had to start our travel back home.

Wait, don’t leave us now!

Did we miss any information? Leave us a comment or share your experience. We would love to read you! And don’t forget to follow us in Instagram @dmtripsblog. We post picture and tips everyday. See you next post 😉

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